Who Am I?

I am a retired Special Air Service Trooper with 45 years shooting experience. My expertise covers rifles and shotguns, due to a shoulder reconstruction 8 years ago and the fact that most of the recoil absorption devices on the market at the time were ineffective or impractical I had to “bite the bullet” and devise a new recoil absorption system, hence the Muletamer was born.

What Is A Muletamer?

A firearm
Is a it a Firearm recoil Pad,  A firearm Kickpad,  Rifle Kickpad or a
Rifle Recoil Pad?  Perhaps a shotgun recoil pad or recoil kickpad. The Muletamer is all of the above.

There are now four models of the Muletamer so shooters can tailor the firearm to suit their individual needs making shooting much more accurate and comfortable. It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, shooting is mostly confidence in your firearm and its performance, the inevitable thump, muzzle jump and cheek kiss are eliminated, PLUS your second shot is much more quicker and accurate making the shooting range a much more enjoyable place and experience for women and kids.

Why Get A Muletamer?

If you attend a shooting range today, you will need to wear hearing protection, eye protection and closed in footware, if you are a spectator you will be offered hearing protection and asked to remain behind a safety barrier to meet safety requirements. Most kids take up the sport of shooting at about the age of twelve, at this age the body has not fully developed and muscle tone is in short supply. Lifting the firearm alone, is a challenge let alone getting a good gun mount, the usual remedy for this is, when you get to sore you stop shooting or you soldier on regardless, “don't be a girl”. How many first time shooters have never shot again because of one bad experience with recoil?.

You wouldn't allow your child or wife to be kicked by a “mule”  fifty or a hundred times in the one day, so why would you let them shoot a shotgun or rifle the same amount and not consider the cumulative effect of recoil.
The Muletamer is universal and can be fitted to most rifles and shotguns in 15minutes, so get that “old cannon” or cheap” coach gun” out of the cupboard and fit a Muletamer and you will not regret it, shooting is about enjoyment, “harden up princess” is past it's used by date.