FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:~ What makes the "Muletamer" different to other recoil pads/devices?
A:~ The "Muletamer is a cradle fitted to the butt of a firearm that harnesses the compression strength of two springs, at a set tension, with enough travel so that the device doesn't bottom out. Spring strength, tension and travel reduces felt recoil. Ninety nine percent of other recoil pads all bottom out, any felt recoil reduction capacity they may have, is negated by lack of travel in the material they are produced from, or they are compressed to fit the firearm so travel is eliminated.

Q:~ Because of spring travel will I get "Scope kiss" if I put a "Muletamer" on my high powered rifle?
A:~ No, when I put a "Muletamer on my .303 I did not have to adjust my scope mount at all. I suggest that when you put a "Muletamer" on your "Big rifle" you tape a bit of cloth over the firearm muzzle, mount the firearm and compress the "Muletamer" against a solid wall as a precaution.

Q:~ Will the "Muletamer" alter the "Pitch" of my stock?
A:~ No.

Q:~ Will I still have the same stock alignment if I fit a "Muletamer" to my firearm?
A:~ Yes, the "Muletamer" is universal and will fit most rifles and shotguns with either synthetic or wooden stocks. For stock alignment you use the old butt plate holes as a template and drill out the stock retaining bolt recess to accommodate the "Muletamers" tension and locking bolt. If your synthetic stock is hollow you will need to cut the stock and glue in a wooden blank for the "Muletamer' to be screwed into. If there is no stock retaining bolt recess, drill a 1/2" hole, 3/4" deep in the stock, using the "Muletamer' as a template.

Q:~ Will the "Muletamer" affect the balance of my firearm?
A:~ All my rifles and shotguns are inexpensive but very serviceable, the "Muletamer" has no noticeable affect on the balance of my firearms.

Q:~ Can I fit my old butt plate to the "Muletamer"?
A:~ Yes, I recommend that you use your old butt plate, because that is not what is making your shoulder sore. The "Muletamers" butt end has two threaded holes at 80mm centres that compliment most firearm butt plates and two countersunk threaded screws are provided. 

Q:~ Will the "Muletamer" work on semi-automatic firearms?
A:~ YES.

Q:~ Why is the "Muletamer" more cost effective than muzzle brakes, porting your barrels, lengthening your forcing cones or adding weight to your firearm butt?
A:~ Simple. The "Muletamer" does what it claims to do. I guarantee that the "Muletamer" will reduce felt recoil by up to 35%, (see graphs and tests) reduce muzzle jump, eliminate cheek kiss and make your second shot much more quicker and accurate. It will also last the lifetime of your firearm and when your firearm wears out, you can easily fit the "Muletamer" to your new one. 

Q:~ Is the "Muletamer" hard to fit and adjust?
A:~ No. The average handyman can fit it in fifteen minutes, or your local gun smith will fit it for a small fee.See our How to video in our Catalog.

Q:~ Do I need a PayPal account for purchases at Muletamer.com?
A:~ No. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to purchase a Muletamer but you are welcome to use it if you have one.

Q:~ Can I use my credit card for purchases at Muletamer.com?
A:~ Yes, MasterCard and Visa are accepted at Muletamer.com. To pay with MasterCard or Visa, please select the "Buy Now" button which correctly corresponds to the currency you wish to pay in. Then simply follow the prompts on PayPal's safe and secure payment system.

Q:~ Is my order secure?
A:~ Yes, your order will be secure and private because PayPal handles the purchase. MULETAMER never sees your credit card information.Payments on Muletamer.com are processed by a secure payment system called Paypal, which is an eBay company that securely processes millions of payments daily. With nearly 98 million active accounts in 190 markets and 25 currencies around the world, PayPal enables global ecommerce in a safe and secure environment.  

Each "MULETAMER" comes complete with  fitting instructions, Alternatively we have a DIY video walk-through that you can watch and pause.