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If you attend a shooting range today, you will need to wear hearing protection, eye protection and closed in footware, to meet safety standards. If you are a spectator you will be offered ear protection and asked to remain behind a safety barrier. Most kids start shooting competitively at about the age of twelve and depending on the discipline, their body has to absorb up to 500kgs of recoil every time they pull the trigger. At this age the body is still not fully developed and muscle tone is in short supply. Lifting the firearm is normally a challenge, let alone getting a good gun mount. Normally, the remedy for this is, when you get too sore, you stop shooting, or you soldier on regardless, even if you have no chance of hitting the target.

Shooting is tagged as a "macho" sport, where a lot of lip service is given to "Recoil control". You can fit a recoil pad with a name like "the destroyer", port your barrels, lengthen your forcing cones, add a muzzle brake, or put a slug of lead in the recess in your firearms butt, in an effort to control recoil, but the jury has been out for 40 years as to whether any of these actually work. To be fair, if you put a large enough slug of lead in the butt of your firearm it will reduce felt recoil but will make your firearm very unbalanced.

When my brother and I started shooting in the early 1970's, Dad would buy us an old 12ga single barrel and we would spend every spare moment, shooting ducks, rabbits and foxes within a 50 mile radius of home. At this time in our lives, we believed we were "bullet proof" (excuse the pun!) It never occurred to us that when we reached our 50's, our carefree shooting days would catch up with us. I have had a shoulder reconstruction and have now fitted "Muletamers" to all my firearms so I can continue to shoot. My brother, will not and cannot fire his .303.25 without a "Muletamer".

A 12ga cartridge 36gm No 6, will produce a recoil with a force of 500kgs! Some weekends I will fire 350 cartridges. That is an accumulated force of 175 tons in a 48 hour period. Before my shoulder reconstruction, I would grit my teeth and worry more about the recoil than what I was shooting at, or would withdraw from shoots after one days competition because the pain was so severe and it would be about a week before I could lift my arm shoulder high. Even after my shoulder reconstruction, nothing much changed.

With the addition of a "Muletamer" to my Browning U/O I have no problem firing 350 12ga cartridges over a weekend with a 98% strike rate and I actually enjoy it. Had the Muletamer been around when I was young and had the wisdom to fit it to my old single barrel, I may have less arthritis in my neck and shoulder and may have been able to forgo the pleasure of a shoulder reconstruction, by reducing the thousands of tons of force produced by recoil over 40 years.

The Muletamer works and if you fit one to your firearm and adjust it in the correct manner, you will not be disappointed.

Women, Kids and the Family

I would like to emphasize why it is important for women and children who wish take up the sport of shooting, to enjoy it from their first shot.
A large number of women and children who have one shot from a 12 gauge shotgun or heavy calibre rifle, due to the recoil, never shoot again. A women's physique is normally smaller and less muscular than a man's and bruises more easily. Also when taking up the sport of shooting, women and kids tend to buy cheaper, lighter firearms because they are easier to handle and less expensive, but they kick like "MULES". To counter this, shooters put a lead slug in the butt of the gun which makes it heavy and unbalanced, defeating the purpose of buying a lighter firearm. The "MULETAMER" weights less than 600 gms. Once the butt is cut and the device is fitted, the balance of the firearm remains basically the same. You can cut the "PITCH" of the butt several times as the "MULETAMER" has an adjustment in length so you can get a perfect fit. If every "Club Gun" used by visitors and beginners, fitted "MULETAMERS" to their guns, then I am sure a lot more women and kids would join the sport of shooting. By fitting a "MULETAMER" you not only reduce felt recoil, but also cheek kiss and muzzle jump, which lines you up for a more accurate and quicker second shot, plus a perfect shoulder mount is not essential, as felt recoil will be reduced markedly. Women and children can buy cheaper, lighter firearms when entering the sport of shooting. They just need to fit a "MULETAMER" which can be moved from firearm to firearm. 

The sport of shooting has become a family affair, with mum, dad and the kids shooting together, whether at the range or in the bush. The small .22cal will keep mum and the kids interested for a while but they will inevitably want to try dads .308, .30-06 or his 12ga riot gun. One bad experience can be the end of someone's shooting career. If you fit a "Muletamer", all firearms become user friendly to whoever is strong enough to lift them. There is no felt recoil, muzzle jump is dramatically reduced, cheek kiss is eliminated and your second shot is much more quicker and accurate.Shooting coaches the world over, say that the firearm must fit the shooter to reduce recoil, muzzle jump and cheek kiss. This is very true, but it can take 12 months for a new shooter to get anywhere near achieving a good gun fit. With a "Muletamer" fitted to your firearm, you can experiment and a good gun fit will come with experience. If you have a bad gun mount, you may miss the target but you will not end up bent and bruised, plus you can start your shooting career with a less expensive firearm.I find one of the most enjoyable shooting diciplines is "snap" shooting, where you have to mount the gun and shoot in one motion. I have done less "snap" shooting whether in the field, or on the range over recent years, due to the affect of recoil on my shoulder. After fitting a "Muletamer" I am right back into "snap" shooting, whether it be American Skeet, or river shooting for ducks, as it does not matter where the butt of your gun lands as the "Muletamer" will absorb the recoil.

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  1. I was shocked at how well it worked. It felt like a .22 instead of a shotgun. I was skeptical at first but now, i see that it actually works.
    Joel (34) Vic
  2. Normally I don't use my shotgun, too painful for the shoulder. But with a muleteer, I hardly feel a thing. It mean's I can use the old canon again.
    Leith, (59) W.A
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    Selina Jackson